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� The Olympic Museum, 2 nd edition 2007 Introduction The world's most important sports event for over a hundred years - Idea of Frenchman Pierre de Coubertin - Olympic Games .

These Olympic symbols were introduced as part of the modern Olympic Games. Revival. In the early seventeenth century, an "Olympic Games" sports festival was run for several years at .

The first major, modern, multi-sport event of international significance was the modern Olympic Games. Many regional multi-sport events have since been founded and modeled after the .

The seeds of the modern Olympic games were sown at the sports festivals conducted in Greece during the ancient times with intent to please God Zeus.

Official source of Olympic Games sports, countries, results, medals, schedule, athlete bios, teams, news, photos, videos for Summer and Winter Olympics

Facts, Figures and trivia about the modern pentathlon at the Olympic Games

The Olympic Games are an important international event featuring summer and winter sports. The Games are held every four years, with Summer and Winter Olympic Games taking turns.

The Modern Olympic Games: new interpretations and modern olympic games sports perspectives. modern olympic modern olympic games sports games sports (Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport) Florence Carpentier and Jean-Pierre Lefevre, "The Modern Olympic Movement .

The purposeful correlation of modern day Olympic sport with ancient Olympic Games provides a solid foundation for the hypothesis of continuity with an era of moral ethics.

Olympic games, premier athletic meeting of ancient Greece, and, in modern times, series of international sports contests. The Olympics of Ancient Greece

� Olympic Museum and Studies Centre, Lausanne, 2002 Introduction The world's most important sports event
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