distal renal tubular acidosis

Distal renal tubular acidosis is an acidic state of the body due to abnormal distal tubule acid excretion. Learn about distal renal tubular acidosis causes, symptoms, tests .

^"Immune-related potassium-losing interstitial nephritis: a comparison with distal renal tubular acidosis". QJM 86 (8): 513-542. ^ Bruce, L J (1997).

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Sandra Rodrigo Blomqvist, 1 Hilmar Vidarsson, 1 Sharyn Fitzgerald, 2 Bengt R. Johansson, 3 Anna Ollerstam, 4 Russell Brown, 4 A. Erik G. Persson, 4 G�ran Bergstr�m, 2 and .

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Distal renal tubular acidosis Also known as: Renal tubular acidosis - distal, Renal tubular acidosis type I, Type I RTA, RTA - distal or Classical RTA

Renal Tubular distal renal tubular acidosis Acidosis: A group of genetic disorders of the KIDNEY TUBULES characterized by the accumulation of metabolically produced acids with elevated plasma chloride .

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Distal renal tubular acidosis Definition distal renal tubular acidosis Distal renal tubular acidosis is a disease that occurs when the kidneys don't remove acid properly into the urine, leaving the blood too .

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